Start off with one of our Noble Gaming PC's


Featuring 9th Generation Intel Core I5, built on the Intel Z390 Chipset case with a glorious tempered glass side window to show off your hardware.


Choose from Nvidia Geforce Graphics. 


Windows 10 Professional is included with this PC.


*"No IGPU" means that there is no integrated graphics on the processor. Integrated graphics won't be used on these systems anyway as they feature dedicated graphics.

Noble Q1 2020 - I5 K Series

Intel Processor
Memory (RAM)
Graphics Card
SSD Storage
Hard Drive Storage (7200RPM)
  • Warranty

    Hardware: All hardware parts have a 1 year manufactures warranty. These parts will be returned to the manufacturer for repair or replacement. Lead times may vary depending on manufacturer.

    If you purchased a windows licence from us, you get a year warranty in case there are any issues with the activation key.

    Other software issues, such as driver faults, crashes or update issues are not included in the warranty as they are not caused by the computer build itself. These faults will be charged at our usual rate.

  • Future Upgrades

    In the future if you are looking to upgrade, simply come to us. This way we can swap out only the parts you require, rather than having to buy a brand-new machine. Prices may vary on parts and labour.

  • Returns Policy

    As these machines are built to order they cannot be returned. These computers can only be returned if they have a hardware issue in which they will be serviced under the "Warranty".

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